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entry conditions

bluetongue stadium

Grahame Park
cnr Pacific Highway & Dane Drive, Gosford, NSW 2250

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Stadium and would like to advise you of some important Stadium conditions. All spectators are asked to follow these conditions so that everyone may enjoy their visit.
  • All spectators must have a valid ticket, pass or other authorised and approved means to enter the Stadium except for children under the age of five**(5) in the care of an adult and who will not occupy a seat. **the age at which children may be admitted "free on the knee" may vary subject to the hirer.
  • Bluetongue Stadium is a NON SMOKING venue. Smoking is NOT PERMITTED ON THE PREMISES. Visitors to the Stadium who wish to smoke can do so by exiting via the East or West ticket gates and proceeding outside the venue to the designated smoking area. On exiting, patrons will be issued a pass out, and to regain entry to the stadium must present both their pass out and a valid ticket. No alcohol can be taken outside the venue to the smoking areas.
  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES cannot be taken into or from Bluetongue Stadium by patrons.
  • UMBRELLAS may be brought into the stadium but for the comfort of others should not be put up.
  • For safety reasons, STROLLERS are not permitted within the seating areas at the Stadium. Strollers may be checked in at the "Stroller Garage" located inside the Dane Drive entry on the Eastern side of the stadium.
  • For the safety and security of all spectators, the following items cannot be taken into Bluetongue Stadium:

    • Alcohol
    • Glass or glass bottles
    • Commercial Fast Foods (eg. Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC etc)
    • Animals (except for official guide dogs), Any political, religious or race-related materials, Balls, Bicycles, Clothing with offensive wording, pictures or graphic design, Coolers, Ice Chests or Eskies larger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm (ie. too large to be stored under a seat), Explosives, Fireworks, Flags or Banners with attached pole(s) greater than 1 metre in length, Flares, Frisbees, Horns, Illegal substances, Knives, Megaphones, Loudhailers, Musical instruments, Skateboards, Skates, Smoke Bombs, Strollers, Weapons, Any other items which stadium management considers dangerous or otherwise inappropriate, including signs, banners or flags likely to restrict the view of, or inconvenience, spectators.
  • The following foods / items are among those permitted into Bluetongue Stadium:
    • Homemade foods, packaged snack foods (potato chips, chocolate, lollies etc)
    • Plastic bottles, Thermos, small Esky / carry bag (must be able to fit under a seat)
    • Small supporter flags and banners (see previous point)
  • For the safety and security of all spectators, the following activities cannot be carries out within Central Coast Stadium:
    • Consuming alcohol in designated alcohol free (dry) areas, Demonstrate, Display commercial or offensive signage, Engage in ambush marketting, Engage in conduct that may obstruct the views of other spectators, Enter restricted areas including the playing area, Give away or promote political, religious or race related materials or ideas, Ignoring the directions of authorised personnel, Obtain money or other benefits through unauthorised means (eg busking, collection for charities, etc.,), Sell or distribute any unauthorised goods, services or tickets, Selling or supplying illegal substances, Smoking in designated non-smoking areas, Throw objects around, Use of offensive or inciting language, Use of recording equipment or camera devices for any purpose other than for private and domestic purposes, Engage in any other activities that the stadium management considers dangerous or otherwise inapropriate.
    • For the safety of spectators, the leaning over or climbing on balustrades or handrails is strictly prohibited. Similarly, elevated walkways and aisles are not to be used for any purposes other than the orderly movement to and from their seats. The storage of any matter or equipment in the aisles or walkways or sitting in these areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Emergency Evacuations - An Emergency Operational Management Plan has been developed for this Stadium. Please familiarise yourself with the designated exit points nearest to your seat. Should evacuation of your area be necessary an Emergency Management Team will assist you to reach a place of safety in a calm and orderly manner.
  • Bluetongue Stadium supports the "No More It's The Law" Responsible Service of Alcohol initiatives of the NSW State Government and will undertake all measures to ensure full compliance with this policy.
  • At the present time there are no ATM’s or public telephones within the Stadium. These facilities are available at the adjacent Central Coast Leagues Club.

When leaving the stadium please have consideration for our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.

Bluetongue Stadium management may change these conditions from time to time as per the hirer and may choose not to enforce some of these terms in some cases, as it deems appropriate. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Stadium management to apply such change or exercise any variation on a temporary or permanent basis.